duke and the doctor supporting WWP

Dr. Jan McBarron, The Doctor, has always harbored a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the military personnel who risk everything to serve their country. Her own father, after all, was the son of an Irish immigrant who put his life on the line to serve the United States in the US Navy during WWII.

After meeting her husband Duke Liberatore, this shared passion would become one of their most prominent life pursuits. When Dr. Jan McBarron finished her medical training, the couple moved to Columbus, GA. As the home to Fort Benning, the country’s largest Army infantry training facility, Duke and The Doctor relished their time in Columbus as an opportunity to continue supporting the US military through community involvement.

Frequently, they attended benefits, supported fundraising initiatives, donated their own assets and worked alongside other volunteers to facilitate sponsored events. As a testament to their dedication and contributions, “Duke & The Doctor” can be seen engraved on the pavement outside the Army’s Infantry Museum. 

Now, the couple lives in Nevada, where they continue to proudly support the US Military through donations and volunteer initiatives. Because Dr. Jan McBarron has witnessed firsthand the emotional havoc and physical difficulties that returning disabled soldiers experience, the Wounded Warrior Project specifically has become an organization that’s close to her heart. For these reasons, the couple has chosen to personally support the cause by launching a GoFundMe account to help the organization provide aid to soldiers in need.

Impact of the Wounded Warrior Project

Founded in 2003, the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a grassroots nonprofit organization that seeks to honor and empower returning US military personnel who have incurred a physical or mental injury or illness after September 11, 2001. 

WWP is passionate about offering aid to soldiers with both visible and non-visible disabilities, and frequently provides aid to family members and caregivers of former or current soldiers. In any way possible, the organization’s programs seek to help wounded soldiers recover and transition happily back into civilian life. Among their many services, the most common include covering medical costs, assisting in job searches, and providing financial aid. 

Often, it is difficult for returning veterans to secure gainful employment because of culture gaps between their military past and civilian society. One of the many goals of WWP is to help close those gaps. Using region-specific specialists, WWP meets veterans where they are and provides them with the tools they need in order to find work and begin building bright careers.  

Each of the organization’s services is offered to soldiers and their families free of cost—all initiatives are funded entirely by donors who contribute to the organization as a means for thanking US military personnel for their service. 

How to Contribute

We can never truly repay veterans for their contributions, but it’s important that we do all we can to show our gratitude. The best way to do so is by supporting organizations that give them the aid and assistance they need in order to recover, build new lives, and thrive.
That’s why Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron, (together, they co-hosted Duke and the Doctor) have proudly launched a GoFundMe account seeking to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. They urge people to give back by supporting the veterans who risked it all for their safety and freedom. After all, we owe them our lives. By donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, you’ll be helping soldiers who are struggling to secure the medical aid, resources, and encouragement they need to transition into the lives they deserve.

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