Duke Liberatore aka “Duke” is named after his uncle who was killed in WWII. His wife Dr. Jan McBarron, aka “The Doctor “is the daughter of a serviceman who served at Pearl Harbor that fateful day. Together Duke & The Doctor, veteran health talk radio hosts and lifelong supporters of the US military have always been passionate about bettering the lives of the nation’s retired servicemen.

America’s military personnel risk everything in their line of duty—often sustaining injuries and/or illnesses that will continue to impact them for the rest of their lives. After serving a full and honorable career on the military or being wounded on the job, every veteran deserves to be welcomed home with open arms and appreciation. Unfortunately, that transition to civilian life isn’t always easy.

The Battle of Returning to Civilian Life
After returning from a deployment, many American veterans find settling into their new lives a battle in its own accord. Years in military service can make the day-to-day nuances of civilian life feel foreign or even intolerable to veterans, especially with the added challenge of an injury or an illness. Securing jobs, covering financial costs, and rehabilitating (both physically and emotionally) often prove difficult.

While a select amount of government aid programs are available to retiring veterans, many still lack the support they need in order to re-enter society and begin building healthy, purposeful civilian lives. That’s why charitable organizations have stepped up to offer the aid US soldiers need to get back on their feet and thrive.

Giving Veterans the Resources They Need

These organizations seek to help wounded and retired veterans as well as their families. Funded by donors and run by volunteers, they work to pay off medical bills, provide financial relief, help with job searches, and just about anything in between. 

Having witnessed firsthand the hardships and challenges faced by the nation’s honorable, Duke and The Doctor have dedicated themselves to giving back to US soldiers through numerous benefits, fundraising initiatives, and volunteer events. 

One charitable venture that Duke and The Doctor hold dear to their heart is the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Since 2003, WWP has been helping ill or injured veterans and their families not only survive in their communities, but truly thrive during the recovery period and beyond. 

Having been moved by the organization’s mission and purpose, Duke and The Doctor have pledged their time, energy, and resources towards helping WWP raise funds in the upcoming year through a GoFundMe initiative. 

Those wishing to help provide aid to veterans can do so with a donation of any size—the couple notes that while large donations are welcomed, contributions of any size can go a long way in providing much-needed relief to a soldier in need. After all, small donations add up. Duke and The Doctor point out that together we can truly make a difference in the lives of veterans.

Although we can never truly repay soldiers for the sacrifices they’ve made, giving to charities that assist them in recovery and beyond is certainly the best way to show appreciation and give back to those who have sacrificed the most. They served us and we should serve them.

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